Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I am Jack's sad excuse...

Yea, I suck as a blogger, falling down on my duties once again. Sorry I haven't been around much lately, as always life has a habit of getting in the way of my football chit chat. On top of that I managed to throw out my back recently, so needless to say I haven't been inspired to discuss the goings on of the Tech world, the pain just gets in the way.

I have to ensure my coworkers that even though I may walk like the 2nd guy on the Darwin Evolution chart, you know the one who almost figured out modern warfare, and my demeanor may seem a little on the loopy lou side, I promise I'm not hitting the sauce in the parking deck before coming in, muscle relaxers can be your friend. They allow me to sit in this sad excuse for a chair. Of course if I was hitting the sauce in combination with the muscle relaxers then this small space under my desk (between the old cardboard box of left over perfect bound AR reports that I left there to remind me to call the printer and has quickly been down graded to a foot rest, and the warm humm of my Mac) would make a fine place to escape from the world. But I like my job for the most part (I like it more in this economy) and I'm sure HR has a rule against all of the above. Corporate America always cramping my style.

Came home yesterday and my dearest Tiffany was also having back problems. She suggested it might be sympathy pains as I'm sure my uterus will reek in agony when she pushes out Jr one day. Speaking of Jr. The Cocker Spaniel has got to readjust his biological clock. The alarm goes off every morning at 7:30 and Captain Pookie Bear insists that I must rise to greet the new day at 7:15, 7:20, 7:25. I don't know about you but that last 5-15 minutes is worth more than a Wall Street bailout. It's like salt in the desert or warm rolls. He's got these big feet like a small dog wearing snow shoes. His morning ritual starts as he sneaks over to my side of the bed and paws the covers sometimes with the additional whine. My assumption is he needs to go outside and take care of business, but all too often he's decided it's breakfast time, or maybe an early morning contemplation of the human/puppy condition as he sits on his mat outside and stares at the sky. Tiffany never budges as she can sleep through The Terminator soundtrack of construction from next door or that lovely sound of garbage truck meets dumpster. Clear conscience I'm sure, like the Giovanni Ribisi character from Saving Private Ryan.

I'm sure it's just preparation for one of those human children, who will be much more demanding and I'll never sleep again. The Boston Terrier and the Cocker Spaniel love me regardless, where as I'm sure my human children will quickly learn to hate my existence, without ever giving a thought to Lion King opening number as their existence was in large part dependent on mine. Now Tiffany's is telling me that we can't lock the human children in the bathroom when we leave. Granted we don't have to do that with the pups, but I like having the option. Apparently it's frowned upon. Kids today.

So, I guess I should actually talk about football now. Well the MissState game was more than I expected. Thumbs up to the O-Line for their best game so far plus it's refreshing to know that we have a good backup QB in Jaybo. You can find good breakdowns of the MissState game over at a few of the other blogs. Many of you have asked for more pre and post game run downs, I'll try and do better. I have to say I'm pretty stoked about the Duke game. It is a brave new world. In the past the Duke game brought the same level of excitement as Southeast Northern Central State U, but times are changing, don't over look this one. I expect Jaybo to get the snaps, I just can't see risking prolonging Josh's hamstring injury as well as Shaw played. That said I don't see Nesbitt has any reason to worry, I see him as the clear number one. Duke comes into the game 3-1 scoring 31, 41, 24 and 31. Putting up points with both offense and defense, plus Duke is well versed in the Paul Johnson system. Per the AJC

Photo Credit - Johnny Crawford AJC

"Only three weeks ago, the Blue Devils played Navy, which retained the scheme that Johnson ran when he coached there the past six seasons. Duke won 41-31.

Further, Duke played Navy five times during Johnson’s tenure in Annapolis, with Navy accruing a 4-1 record against Duke."

Just a few other little dittys...
• Listen to Paul Johnson's press conference from yesterday - LINK

• Vote for Coach Johnson for Coach Of The Year - LINK

• TexasTech put together this campaign ad and website for Harrell and Crabtree which I thought was pretty good - LINK

Also, in tailgating news, the Gardner Web game will be a 3:30 kickoff, no TV. Finally get in a decent tailgate.

OK, I guess I need to go be constructive, I've been working on a one hundred thousand dollar ad campaign and as luck would have it I've hit the creative wall, blocked for 2 weeks now. I'm on design number 18 and they all suck. More later.

Roll Tide.