Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mash On The Gas Has Moved!

I don't know how many readers we have any more because it has been ages since we have posted any content. I think there may be some that come here from time to time to see if anything new has been added. To those people, I appreciate your time and loyalty.

Mash On The Gas is moving to a new location. We are currently building the new site and hope to have it unveiled soon. My plan for the site is to have image galleries, videos, social media along with the wonderful blog that you all know and love....

The new URL for MOTG is http://www.mashonthegas.net

The site is still under construction but please bookmark it for later viewing.

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hey, We Got Recruits Over Here!

 So now that this year's recruiting class is complete, we now have a list of the new Yellow Jackets. In past recruiting years, the emphasis was on either running back or quarterback, so it is good to see that the recruiting is beginning to become more team wide. The recruiting class was small but it seems to address (or work on addressing) may needs of the team.

For instance, they added offensive and defensive linemen. This is important because those are the two areas that Tech has had some issues in shoring up. On the offensive side, injuries have plagued the Tech line so any new bodies that can be used will always help in the cause. On the defensive side, the additional tackle and ends will enable the team to either continue to use the 3/4 or shift to the 4/3 or even play more hybrid lineups. On a previous entry, I stated that because of the quality of tackles that we have, we could play a strong 4/3 system. Adding defensive ends will be critical and this class does help with that.

The class also aids in offense by adding wide receivers and running backs. As a run heavy offense this can always help. As long as the wide receivers aren't afraid to block or able to go across the middle, they will be of great usage.

So let's say hello to the new Yellow Jackets. If you want to see more about these players, check out the Georgia Tech football recruiting section on Rivals HERE.

Justin Akins - Defensive End
Harrison Butker - Kicker
Darius Commissiong - Defensive Tackle
Travis Custis - Running Back
Paul Davis - Defensive Back
Shamire DeVine - Offensive Lineman
Chris Griffin - Offensive Lineman
Ty Griffin - Quarterback
Ricky Jeune - Wide Receiver
John Marvin - Defensive Back
Antonio Messick - Wide Receiver
Kevin Robbins - Defensive End
Donovan Wilson - Running Back

I look forward to seeing you in your Tech jerseys and on the field.

Are You Ready for Some Football....Schedule?

Well the upcoming year's football schedule has been posted and we now have the chance to begin our guesstimates on how our beloved Yellow Jackets will perform. So let's take a look and let the guessing begin, shall we?

August 31, 2013 vs Elon
We all know what this game is for Tech. This is the standard college football cupcake game that Tech will use to get some game experience and Elon will use to get some cash for their athletic department. This game should not worry us but you never really know with this team. Tech could come out playing gangbusters but it could also come out really flat and play to the level of their opponent. So I will predict a win.
1 - 0

September 14, 2013 vs Duke
Duke played better last year and I think they are definitely moving in the right direction. They played hard and got the most out of a team that does not have a lot of talent. Tech has a lot of youth playing and this is the type of game that they will want to show that they can play well. I see Duke trying to run the ball on Tech due to Tech's inability to stop the run last year. It will be a close game but Tech will pull it out.
2 - 0

September 21, 2013 vs North Carolina
This is the first game where I think Tech will run into problems. It is not so much that North Carolina has a great team but with a young QB as the helm, Tech is prone to streaky play. North Carolina is a good enough team that could capitalize on a suddenly inept or anemic offense. It would also mean that Tech's defense would have to keep the game in check. We have no real idea what Roof's defense will be so it will be hard to guess if this could happen. I think I will make this one a loss.
2 - 1

September 26, 2013 vs Virginia Tech
Here we go with the annual "what will happen" game. Last year's Virginia Tech team did not have the success that we have always come to expect. The one thing we do know for certain is that Beamer teams are rarely down for long. I expect this to be a really good game with the other Tech being the winner.
2 - 2

October 5, 2013 vs Miami
There is no need to review what happened last year. The Yellow Jackets will remember this.
3 - 2

October 12, 2013 vs BYU
Last year, BYU came into Atlanta and gave the Yellow Jackets a really whipping. They played to the one thing the defense could not do well last year, stop the pass. I think this game will really hinge on how well the Tech defense can stop the pass. If they can put pressure on the QB and break up the timing, I see this being a closer game. I see Tech not winning, though. Sorry.
3 - 3

October 19, 2013 vs Syracuse
Syracuse could be down after their coach left for the NFL. I see Tech playing well in this game to get back above .500.
4 - 3

October 26, 2013 vs Virginia
Tech plays Virginia well and I see that trend continuing. Virginia is a quality team but never seems to have enough true players to be what people expect them to be. Often they have one or two on either offense or the defense to keep them in games but they fall short. I think Tech will win this game and keep intact their winning ways against Virginia.
5 - 3

November 2, 2013 vs Pittsburgh
Here is an interesting game. Last year, Pittsburgh nearly ended Notre Dame's rise to the national championship game. Unfortunately, Pittsburgh played so unevenly that they didn't make much of a dent on the national scene. They do play hard and seem to pick up their play if they think their opponent is light years better, which Tech isn't.
6 - 3

November 14, 2013 vs Clemson
Ah, the Clemson game. I think Clemson is really the team here. They have speed everywhere and have done a good job in recruiting. Tech plays them tough but Clemson is a tough atmosphere and Tech won't make it.
6 - 4

November 23, 2013 vs Alabama A&M
A rest up game after Clemson.
7 - 4

November 30, 2013 vs Georgia
I have written this section a couple of times attempting to figure out what to say about this rivalry. Last year was one or two plays away from playing for the National Championship. Georgia is the better team right now. We all understand this but we all hold out hope that Tech will play a mighty game and succeed. This game will be in Atlanta and the stadium will be hot for this game and I will be at my seat.
7 - 5

So there is my thoughts on the upcoming schedule. Anyone want to see if they can do better?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Saying Goodbye to a Friend

All of us have lost loved ones, be it a friend, family member or a beloved companion. It is never easy. We mourn their passing and not just because they are no longer with us, but also because we miss how they made us feel. Whether they made us happy or sad, or a combination of both, is something that we will miss. There is no real replacement for that void. We can make new friends, add to our family or even get a new companion, but it won't ever change the fact that they are gone.

My first thought is to be thankful that I got to know them. Had there been only a slight alternation in my life, I would have never followed the path that led me to them. I would have never had the experiences and memories that I will treasure or the great stories that I can tell others. Of course, I am sad but I am heartened knowing that I had a bond with them that I won't forget. And that is a blessing.

Daron's beloved dog, Max, who I gladly called my nephew passed away recently. Some of you may think the words above are a bit over the top in speaking about a dog but I disagree. Max was a wonderful dog and a true friend (and nephew). I have know Daron for 17+ years and he has had Max for almost 14 of them. What started out as taking care of a puppy dumped off by a roommate's girlfriend became something much greater. Max was Daron's son (although they looked nothing alike). He was as much a son as any child. Strangely enough, he was more human than a lot of kids I have met. Max was very intelligent and was not afraid to throw a tantrum if he didn't get his way. Daron will tell you that there was many an evening that he would come home late and Max would show his disapproval by trashing his office and CD's. 

Max was a loving dog and was happy playing in the backyard as he was being wrapped like a burrito on a cold night on the couch. My favorite Max story stems from years ago. I crashed at Daron's apartment (on the worst futon ever created) one night and in the morning, Daron left for work. Max saw me on the couch under a blanket and jumped quietly on me (I didn't wake up) and burrowed himself between my legs and went to sleep. I woke up and attempted to get up and he viciously growled at me. Essentially, he pinned me to the futon for another hour or so until he was ready to get up. I still smile at that to this day.

I am really going to miss Max. He made me a proud uncle. He brought a lot of joy and love to his family and we all thank him for it. 

Love you,
Uncle Johnathan

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

So We Got Ourselves A New DC

Georgia Tech welcomed back one of its own to join the coaching staff. Ted Roof decided to leave Penn State, where his defense and his team, had a very successful year after all the off the field distractions. The fact that he had so much success and wanted to return to Atlanta made it even more special. Why you ask? Because Ted Roof is a Georgia Tech man. He is an alumni, a football star and a member of the dreaded "Black Shirts" defense. His hiring is a big deal.

People will look at his rather awful Head Coaching resume and think that this wasn't a good decision and I think that is short sighted. All you have to do is see what he has been able to do with the defenses he has led.

A brief review, for those of you who hate to read full length columns. You know who you are:
2000 - GT: Nominated for the Broyles Award for the Nation's Top Coordinator
2000 - GT: Defense was 12th in the Nation
2002 - Duke: Defense went from 9th to 5th in ACC
*While Head Coach at Duke, Defense was Top 30 Nationally in Tackles Behind the Line of Scrimmage
2008 - Louisville: Top 25 in Tackles for Loss and Sacks
2011 - Auburn: National Champions
2012 - Penn State: Top Defense in Big Ten

At first glance, Roof has indeed bounced around a bit and that is because when you are really good at what you do, people take notice. They come to your door and offer you sweet jobs. If I was Roof, I would be doing the exact same thing. The one thing that never changed though, is Roof's love for Georgia Tech. He often made comments about returning and coaching. And now he has his chance and I think that Tech is far better for it.

A trademark of a Ted Roof defense is intensity and aggression. He has shown a pattern of taking middle of the road defensive units (Louisville) and making them good. He is not so focused on system or specific techniques. In the Al Groh era, it was all about the system and specific techniques. Players got lost, blew assignments and spent more time looking for help from the coaches than looking at the offense.

Roof is going to change that. We don't know for certain if he will shift to the 4-3 or stay with a modified 3-4. My guess is that they won't stray far from the 3-4 due to the fact that Tech is not deep with linemen. Tech has been recruiting linebackers for a while so that they can be deep at those four positions but the linemen have suffered some. If the shift is made, a focus on linemen will be critical. 

Penn State did play a good deal of 3-4 so Roof has the luxury of picking and choosing how he wants to address each situation. 

My only request is that Ted Roof do all he can to unleash the aggression that the Tech defense has been lacking. For several years now, the defense has backpedaled and ran from side to side. This year, I want to see more blitzing and more devastation. 

Ok, I know this is an Auburn video but I think it gives some good insight.