Sunday, March 10, 2013

Are You Ready for Some Football....Schedule?

Well the upcoming year's football schedule has been posted and we now have the chance to begin our guesstimates on how our beloved Yellow Jackets will perform. So let's take a look and let the guessing begin, shall we?

August 31, 2013 vs Elon
We all know what this game is for Tech. This is the standard college football cupcake game that Tech will use to get some game experience and Elon will use to get some cash for their athletic department. This game should not worry us but you never really know with this team. Tech could come out playing gangbusters but it could also come out really flat and play to the level of their opponent. So I will predict a win.
1 - 0

September 14, 2013 vs Duke
Duke played better last year and I think they are definitely moving in the right direction. They played hard and got the most out of a team that does not have a lot of talent. Tech has a lot of youth playing and this is the type of game that they will want to show that they can play well. I see Duke trying to run the ball on Tech due to Tech's inability to stop the run last year. It will be a close game but Tech will pull it out.
2 - 0

September 21, 2013 vs North Carolina
This is the first game where I think Tech will run into problems. It is not so much that North Carolina has a great team but with a young QB as the helm, Tech is prone to streaky play. North Carolina is a good enough team that could capitalize on a suddenly inept or anemic offense. It would also mean that Tech's defense would have to keep the game in check. We have no real idea what Roof's defense will be so it will be hard to guess if this could happen. I think I will make this one a loss.
2 - 1

September 26, 2013 vs Virginia Tech
Here we go with the annual "what will happen" game. Last year's Virginia Tech team did not have the success that we have always come to expect. The one thing we do know for certain is that Beamer teams are rarely down for long. I expect this to be a really good game with the other Tech being the winner.
2 - 2

October 5, 2013 vs Miami
There is no need to review what happened last year. The Yellow Jackets will remember this.
3 - 2

October 12, 2013 vs BYU
Last year, BYU came into Atlanta and gave the Yellow Jackets a really whipping. They played to the one thing the defense could not do well last year, stop the pass. I think this game will really hinge on how well the Tech defense can stop the pass. If they can put pressure on the QB and break up the timing, I see this being a closer game. I see Tech not winning, though. Sorry.
3 - 3

October 19, 2013 vs Syracuse
Syracuse could be down after their coach left for the NFL. I see Tech playing well in this game to get back above .500.
4 - 3

October 26, 2013 vs Virginia
Tech plays Virginia well and I see that trend continuing. Virginia is a quality team but never seems to have enough true players to be what people expect them to be. Often they have one or two on either offense or the defense to keep them in games but they fall short. I think Tech will win this game and keep intact their winning ways against Virginia.
5 - 3

November 2, 2013 vs Pittsburgh
Here is an interesting game. Last year, Pittsburgh nearly ended Notre Dame's rise to the national championship game. Unfortunately, Pittsburgh played so unevenly that they didn't make much of a dent on the national scene. They do play hard and seem to pick up their play if they think their opponent is light years better, which Tech isn't.
6 - 3

November 14, 2013 vs Clemson
Ah, the Clemson game. I think Clemson is really the team here. They have speed everywhere and have done a good job in recruiting. Tech plays them tough but Clemson is a tough atmosphere and Tech won't make it.
6 - 4

November 23, 2013 vs Alabama A&M
A rest up game after Clemson.
7 - 4

November 30, 2013 vs Georgia
I have written this section a couple of times attempting to figure out what to say about this rivalry. Last year was one or two plays away from playing for the National Championship. Georgia is the better team right now. We all understand this but we all hold out hope that Tech will play a mighty game and succeed. This game will be in Atlanta and the stadium will be hot for this game and I will be at my seat.
7 - 5

So there is my thoughts on the upcoming schedule. Anyone want to see if they can do better?

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