Monday, November 26, 2012

The Deathnail of the BCS

Well, we are now at the end of the regular football season and Tech has the opportunity to do what no other team has done. They can show the world just how stupid the BCS system truly can be. Yes, friends and neighbors, Tech barreled its way to a trip in the ACC Championship and, if successful there, can be in a major bowl game. Let's just forget what happened the last time Tech played in the Orange Bowl and focus on the now, shall we?

Georgia Tech is in line for a trip to the Orange Bowl if they can be Florida State. A tall order but, hey its fun to dream. If they do get there, they will most likely play Kent State in what is now being dubbed at the "Crapfest Bowl". Because of alignments and agreements between conferences, the bowls are mandated to take the winners of certain conferences regardless of appeal or record. So a 8-6 team that got drilled by Middle Tennessee State can be on the national stage.

Kind of makes you proud, huh?

Now don't get me wrong. I would love to see Tech play in the Orange Bowl. I would cheer them winning and maybe even buy a shirt. But let's be honest, this is a terrible situation. If Tech did win the ACC Championship and the Orange Bowl, it would be the largest of all flukes. And it would prove that the bowl system is not conducive to competition. 

If all of this happens, the new Administration has a real problem on its hands. What does it do with the coaching staff that had a poorly prepared team but yet made it to a major bowl?

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Anonymous said...

That would be "Death Knell", or the ringing of a church bell.