Sunday, November 4, 2012

Moving Forward

I have been a bad fan. I have missed two straight games. I beg your forgiveness. I promise I will do better. To show how much I will suffer to show my dedication, I will watch the Tech vs. BYU highlights on an endless loop until I weep openly. So, by my estimates, that should take about midway through the first viewing. See what I did there? Yep, showed my remorse and still made a dig at the Tech football team. I am on fire.

If you wish to share my pain, here you go:

I didn't want this entry into the Tech blogosphere to be one of pessimism and negativity. That was sort of done for me in a recent CPJ Call-in show. The fans are getting a bit more aggressive of their coach and he is standing his ground about his team. If you want to listen, check it out here. CPJ took some bold comments from fans and told him that he isn't worried and to stay the course. Of course staying the course means that he keeps his job, but something needs to be done. We have all watched this team and there seems to be something missing. For a while I couldn't put my finger on it. Maybe it was the effort or possibly the play calling but the team did well for the most part except for BYU. 

So it appears that the biggest problem is attitude. This team has no attitude. When they take the field, there seems to be no fire, no sense of urgency. There is no swagger (I hate that word but it applies) to this team. Regardless of the effort, there seems to be a real indifference coming from the players. Sure there are the common leaping chest bumps and celebrations but where is the nastiness that used to be the Jackets defense. Say what you want about Tenuta, his defense was nasty. They would hit you in the mouth and laugh. This Tech team has none of that intensity, even CPJ agreed with this.

So, moving forward. What does the team need to do? If you look at the offense, they are playing well. I think the offensive line needs to be less passive. I want to see them own the line of scrimmage. If you are going to be a running team, you need those roadgrader kind of guys. Think the Wisconsin offensive line and the Triple Option. 

As for defense, the 3-4 needs to be gone. Because of its flexibility, it is a potent scheme in the NFL but no so much for college where the focus needs to be on the fundamentals of maintaining gaps, tackling and swarming to the ball. Also, Tech just doesn't get the defensive line monsters that are necessary to make it work. Tech does have some really great defensive line players but they are not really suited for the 3-4. By shifting to the 4-3, they can better utilize these players to clog the middle and force the offense to go to the outside and let the faster linebackers chase them down. Now the transition won't be easy but I think will pay much quicker dividends than sticking with a scheme that just doesn't work, regardless of who calls the plays.

In case, you forgot how it works

I think that the offense is fine. We have been one of the most productive teams in terms of yardage and points. Where they have been lacking is in the defense. Think about it. How often has the team been ahead in the fourth quarter and the defense takes the field and you think, "We're going to lose."? Every time, right? I know I do. Any this is not an insult to the defense. I think that they are very capable but not just in the right scheme to suit their talents. 

What are your thoughts? Am I right or wrong? Close or far? Alone or not?

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