Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tech vs Wake Forest!

I know all of you have been waiting patiently for me to write my next post and now your patience has been rewarded. I was fortunate this time in being able to watch a good deal of the Wake Forest game at my local orange short location. I had no idea that the UGA was not being televised so I had to only deal with listening to Florida and Alabama fans, which aren't nearly so annoying.

As part of my reporting duties, I thought it would be better to make notes as the game progressed to give you an idea of my thoughts. In order to save you valuable time, they are here in a bulleted listing:

  • Run, JoshUA, run! Can anyone else carry the ball???
  • Yet again, no passing accuracy
  • Wow, another long range pass that didn't work! Who knew??
  • More Missed Assignments on Defense
  • Woah, is that David Pollock doing commentary on the game? Vince Dooley not available?
  • Another game, another fumble...or two.....or three
  • A completed pass! Awesome!
  • Bostic is almost as fast as The Flash
  • The offensive line cannot pass block or just block
  • They have only 69 yards rushing by the second quarter? For shame!
  • Anyone else notice the Defense just kind of standing around?
  • A short pass! Hey everyone, a short pass!
  • Was that intended to be a screen pass? Who cares? Big gain.
  • Thank you, Scott Blair!

Well, the comments went on like that but got a bit better when Tech started the rally. I was much too absorbed in the game to make any more written comments, but you can imagine that they were solidly in the "Holy Crap" category.

I think Wake Forest should thank Georgia Tech because if there was ever a defense that could make your offense look good, it's this one. A lot of people have said that it is because of the new 3-4 system and the adjustment to it that is making the defense ineffective. I can agree with that to a degree. However, I think that this line of thinking could be a crutch. Look at Stanford, for example. I know, they got killed by Oregon but who hasn't lately?

Stanford had 4-3 last year and this year there is a new coach from the NFL as defensive coordinator who brings a new system to players recruited to play in a 4-3. So what happens? The defense actually got better, minus the Oregon game. Stanford has been able to quickly adapt to the 3-4 and is now a highly effective defense that does a lot of cool blitz schemes. So why not Tech?

Don't give the adage that Tech can't recruit like a Stanford or a UGA. Both of those schools have high standards as well and yet they can get athletes who are fast, big and strong. I don't see why we can't recruit some big linebackers and even bigger linemen.

What do you think?


tlbriley said...

"Don't give the adage that Tech can't recruit like a Stanford or a UGA."

Stanford: Agreed.

UGA: You're kidding right?

Daron said...

Oh, and thank you Corey Earls. You made Macon Ga proud Sat.

Daron said...

I think JN is more accurate than we give him credit for, our ABs and WRs just have lobster fingers this year, dripping in melted clarified butter. The deep pass to Melton in the 4th was perfectly thrown.

The Oline is a submarine with a screen door. I know we've had injuries but come on guys. Nothing works without them.

I'm willing to give the D time to get better, but since they were playing against Wake's 8th string QB I have no real feeling as to how well they played. There isn't a team left on the schedule that can't pick us apart with the short passing game, and that includes Duke and MidTenSt.