Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Preseason Rankings

Welcome Mash on the Gas Nation, we are back after a brief hiatus! I had no idea that our last posting was in April! That is just plain wrong. We have made no secret that while we love all Georgia Tech sports, our favorite is football and with practices in full blossom, it only seemed appropriate to get the blood pumping again.

Now I plan to ease back into things with a bit of Georgia Tech in the news stuff. Almost every major sports website or group seems to have made their determinations regarding the pre-season top 25. And since we could care less about the other 24 teams, I thought it would be handy to give you a brief overview of how the "experts" are predicting. Enjoy!

CBS Sports - #13
National Champs - #11
ESPN - #13
Scout.com - #16
Rivals - #15
Sports Illustrated - #8
Bleacher Report - #11
College Football Saturday - #12

As I mentioned, there are a TON of sports related sites each wanting us to think that they have it down. The one site I didn't mention was the Phil Steele (man does that sound like a porn name or what?) edition. There are a couple of reasons why: First, he does not have Georgia Tech in the top 25. Second, he has a wonderful reputation of getting just about everything wrong. So, in a way, his omitting Tech from his top 25 will assuredly mean that Tech will have a monster year. Maybe we should be thanking Mr. Steele by the end of the year?

Oh, Anthony Allen knows how to put a beat writer in their place.
I personally loved this video. Anthony has a great sense of humor and Josh - err - Joshua Nesbitt looks like he wants to hurt someone. Great stuff!

Until next time.


Daron said...

AA looks small compared to Josh(ua)
He's huge!

Hector Alejandro said...

Sporting News magazine had us ranked #5 in their post-spring rankings.

They had us #18 on their preseason rankings.