Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tech top of the Coastal, Miami Falls

Well, I get home from a midnight showing of Paranormal Activity which now seems to have been a mistake in movie selection because the thoughts of sleeping in a dark room anytime for the next 6 months now seems like a impossibility. Freaking creepy movie.

Well, since I'm too chicken to sleep I thought I'd check out the latest news from the college football world. So I swing over to the AJC site to see what coverage they had on today's Tech game and low and behold they found a way to get UGA on the front page. Now I'm not a AJC pro UGA conspiracy theorist. In fact I've been very happy with their coverage this year, but seriously folks...?

With Clemson pulling the upset and knocking off Miami that puts Tech on top of the ACC Coastal. Get by Wake Forest and Duke and we are on our way to Tampa Bay. Sadly I doubt anyone other than Miami, above us in the BCS rankings, will fall. In fact I expect to see very little change except to see us move up one to take Miami's spot. But not to worry, play the games, win the games and don't take anything for granted. Do that and everything will take care of itself.


Anonymous said...

Did you forget Miami was above us in the BCS?

Steven said...

They won't be in the new standings today. Plus, there's no more tie-breaker, so it doesn't matter. We win out and we go to the ACCCG.

Daron said...

After the way everyone played I don't think we'll see any change in the BCS other than Tech and Oregon moving up one to take the space left by the Miami loss.

But I wouldn't be surprised to see PennState jump us.

Steven said...

Did you like Paranormal Activity?

My coworker's girlfriend is the lead actress in the movie. Met her the other weekend.

I'd like to see it, but it looks too freakin scary...