Friday, May 22, 2009

Dwyer for Heisman

I am now officially starting the Dwyer for Heisman 2010 campaign. I want to enlist all of the Mash on the Gas Empire to aid me in doing whatever possible to bring this trophy home to Georgia Tech. As many of you know, the Heisman was named after the most famous of college coaches, John Heisman. And who did Heisman coach for so long and so successfully?

Say it with me now! GEORGIA TECH!

Oh and Doug Roberson of the Atlanta Journal Constitution agrees with me, now READ IT!

UPDATE: Rivals has done an initial ranking of all position players in college football POST spring practice and see who is #2 for Running Backs - READ IT!

I think it would be a tremendous national story. Think about how blogs all over the world would glow about:

The Resurgence of the Yellow Jacket Nation
The Success of the Program under Second Year Coach Paul Johnson
Turning of the Tide Against the Hated Rival the University of Georgia

and finally....the awarding of the Heisman Trophy

Can't you just smell the awesomeness?
So now I am seeking your suggestions in how we can make our opinions known, I thought that the Pro-Choice shirts for Tashard were fantastic and something along those lines would be great and could even be added to the Student section garb for home games. So place your ideas in the comments section (and put your name so that we can give you props).

And Now, Your Weekly Ridiculous AJC UGA Vent of the Week:
Dawgs - last year is gone ... forget it and know you can win it all in '09.


Anonymous said...

the website is great but it seems to me whomever runs it could update it more often. there is a lot more articles and discussions they could be linking to in the gt blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

Great to see this, and also, as it is not mentioned here, but Morgan Burnett is listed as the #3 Nationally Rated Defensive Back!! Great pub for both players!

Kevin Watkins said... is back on track. Expect new content virtually every day.

Steven said...

Kevin, you'll be interested in what we'll launch tonight. We can work together a bit. Stay tuned...