Saturday, September 6, 2008

Some Thoughts...

Photo Credit: Johnny Crawford - AJC

1. This was a HUGE win, and will go a long way towards establishing this team and this season. Make no mistake, we are in the mix. Going on the road and winning a hard fought, ugly game means a ton.

2. Conditioning paid off, the defense spent almost the entire first half on the field and the combination of good conditioning and rotating players kept us in the game in the 4th quarter. Apparently it was hot and humid in Boston, so two-a-days in the August heat of the south has it's advantages.

3. BeBe is quickly becoming one of the most important elements on the offense just on his blocking.

4. Nesbitt made smart decisions. I especially love the scramble near then end when it was imperative to get the first down and stay in bounds. He actually held up, let BeBe throw a block for him. It was the play that sealed the win.

5. Game ball goes to the defense, we gave BC every chance to run away with this game in the first half and the D kept us in it.


7. Special Teams - ugh. The kicking game worries me. Granted 2 field goal attempts were long, but the snap and hold weren't great.

8. I'm not sure what was wrong in the first half, 3 turnovers is rarely something you can overcome. But hats off to the team for regrouping during halftime, it shows the character of a team. Gotta come out better in the future.

9. BC's D-line is huge, but our O-line needs a lot of work.

10. The all white looks sweet!

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